Impact 100 Garden State Announces

 2015 Grant Recipients

  • FreePair Paterson will help to bridge the gap between two generations — youth ages 16-24 who have dropped out of high school, and the elderly and disabled living in poverty.  These youths will be given the opportunity to obtain their GED and a vocational certificate in construction, receiving on-the-job training repairing the homes of some 500 elderly and disabled homeowners or renters who cannot afford to make the repairs themselves. Organization: New Jersey Community Development Corporation.

  •  The Early Language and Literacy Program is designed to help young children from low-income Morris County families, the majority of which are Spanish speaking, develop their vocabulary and conversation ability. The program has two key components: teacher coaching and education programs for parents about ways to promote language and literacy in the home, including bilingual children’s books for families. Organization: Head Start Community Program of Morris County.

  Each organization will receive a grant of $102,500.

  Congratulations to them and to all our finalists.