Thank You to Our Sponsors & Friends

Impact 100 Garden State is an all-volunteer organization. Sponsorship monies help underwrite expenses associated with member events and programs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels, large or small, bringing a wealth of promotional opportunities for corporations and local businesses. Sponsors receive great exposure and a chance to network with a sophisticated membership of philanthropically-minded women. Benefits include recognition on marketing materials, signage & more!  
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Friends of Impact 100 Garden State

Individuals (both women and men), local businesses, corporations, and family foundations can support Impact 100 Garden State with tax-deductible gifts of any size. Friends of Impact 100 Garden State play an important role in our organization by supporting our operating expenses. For information on how to become a Friend of Impact 100 or to make a donation, please visit Become A Friend page.

We are grateful to the following Friends for their generous support:

Andrew J. Carter
 James A. Clark
Brian Delle Donne
Amy & Earl Evens

Peter C. Hunter
Gail F. Sherman
The Teti Foundation

Corporate Matching Gifts

Special thanks to the corporations that generously match their employees’ donations of dollars and time, for their important contributions towards our operating expenses. If you are eligible to participate in an employer matching-gift program, please request a match for your contribution.

Corporate Membership Sponsors

Corporations and local businesses are invited to sponsor women for an annual membership.  Underwriting the cost of an Impact 100 Garden State annual membership is a  great way for businesses to connect one or more of their valued team members to this philanthropic organization that supports the community in which they operate. Offer your team member(s) the opportunity to participate and connect with a diverse group of women that make an impact in the lives of the under-served. To learn more, please visit our Sponsor a Member page. Special thanks to the following companies who have sponsored one or more of their female employees for membership in Impact 100 Garden State:

Crum & Forster