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What does Impact 100 Garden State require in terms of applicant financials?

We require two consecutive prior years of audited or reviewed financials and interim unaudited/unreviewed financials from the most recent audit/review date to the most recent 2020 date available (preferably 12/31/20 but not earlier than 10/31/20). The table below summarizes our financial statement requirements for 3 common year end dates.

Please note that failure to provide the required financial statements including complete interim financials (balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement) may be cause for disqualification.


Fiscal Year End
June 30

Fiscal Year End
Sept 30

Fiscal Year End Dec 31

First Year
6/30/20 Audited/Reviewed Financials 9/30/20 Audited/Reviewed Financials

(if 2020 audit/review is not complete, then 2019)

12/31/19 Audited/Reviewed Financials
Second Year
Audited/Reviewed Financials
Audited/Reviewed Financials(if 2020 audit/review is not complete, then 2018)
Audited/Reviewed Financials
Interim Financials
7/1/20 – 12/31/20
Internal Financials
10/1/20 – 12/31/20
Internal Financials(if 2020 audit/review is not complete, then also provide 10/1/19 – 9/30/20 Internal Financials)

1/1/20 – 12/31/20
Internal Financial