Join or Renew

Impact 100 Garden State welcomes women to join or renew their membership on an annual basis. Membership is open to any woman, age 18 or over, who makes an annual tax-deductible donation (membership fee) of $1,000 by January 31 of any calendar year.

We also offer the 110% option for Membership ($1,100). Most women we know always give 110% in all they do. Joining Impact 100 Garden State at 110% allows the extra $100 to go towards various general operating expenses. Your entire $1,000 membership, however, will go towards a deserving nonprofit through a democratic vote process at the annual awards celebration in June.

We appreciate you considering Impact 100 Garden State membership in making our community a better place.

Both new and returning members are asked to complete the Membership Application below (it will take just a few minutes). We have expanded our membership payment options to include direct debit to your bank account. Please visit our Membership Payment Options page for details.

If you prefer not to join online, please print a copy of the Membership Application (PDF) and mail your completed application and check or payment info to the address on the Application.