2021 Grant Application

In order to submit the 2021 Grant Application, you must register even if you have registered in a past year.

If you are registering for  2021, please review the bullet points below.

If you have registered, please continue to the
Impact 100 Garden State’s 2021 Grant Application
(Register/Login /Preview the Grant Application and sign in)

  • Register for 2021 by entering a Username and Password (left side of the screen only.)
    • A Welcome Email will be sent to the email address entered confirming your successful registration along with your username/password and a link to the application for future reference.
    • The confirmation window displays that registration was successful.
    • Click to login.
    • The Register/Login screen displays.
  • Login for 2021
    • Use the Login (right side) to enter your username and password to access the 2021 Grant Application.
    • The 2021 Grant Application displays.
  • Preview the 2021 Grant Application
    • We encourage you to print a copy of the blank Grant Application before starting to complete it. Reviewing this preview copy will help you better prepare for completing the application. This option is located at the top left of the Register/Login page.
  • The application allows you to save your work and continue later. However, you must save using the Save Progress button at least every two hours. If you do not save within the two hours, you will be logged out and your work will not be saved since the last time you clicked the Save Progress button. A green bar at the bottom of your screen counts down the number of minutes left before you must Save Progress before being logged out.
  • Before submitting, all mandatory fields must be filled in and files uploaded. All fields are mandatory except Legal Name, if different, Mailing Address, if different; and If this is a joint application, provide the name of the partner non-profit organization (it is mandatory if join application is yes).
  • When the Save Progress or Submit Form button is clicked, the program checks to ensure that all the mandatory fields have been completed. If there is a mandatory field that is not completed, it will have a red box around it. Scroll back up to add content to fields as needed.
  • Some fields have a max number of words that must be adhered to.
  • Once submitted, a Thank You email will be sent to the logon email address letting you know the submit was successful. If you do not receive this email after successfully submitting your application, please contact grants@impact100gardenstate.org 

Please note:
All users will need to have HTML5 enabled browsers. All modern browsers developed in the last 8 years support HTML5 (which covers about 99% of all browsers).

If you browser is older than 8 years, please update your browser before starting the Grant Application.