About Us

We are women of different generations and backgrounds but with a common commitment to New Jersey.  We seek to make a difference in our communities by uniting women’s ideas and women’s actions into transformational, high-impact giving.  Collectively, we are committed to giving at least one grant of $100,000 annually. We believe that the power of one woman multiplied by many equals an impact that can change lives.

In 2013, our first year, we were 135 women strong and we gave one transformational grant of $135,000. In 2017, our fifth year, we reached 282 members and awarded two grants of $141,000 each. We have surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in our cumulative giving totals. Our grants have addressed the needs of the homeless, the hungry, at-risk youth, low-income pre-school and school-aged children, aged-out foster youth, and veterans in our communities.

We continue to grow. In November 2018, we will award three grants of $100,000 each. Together we are making a difference.

Leadership Team— 2019-2020

President: Merle Johnson


Treasurer: Mary Jane Robertson

Secretary: Susan Fortunato

France Delle Donne

Christine Corra DiCesare

Lisa Firkser

Suzanne Boyle Herrmann

Marcia Hunter

Arleen Lipsman

Marijane R. Lundt

Donna B. McNamara

Storm P. Rose

Debby Seme